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Grade conversion scale

Grade conversion scale from high school certificates of other countries to the Ukrainian five-point grading system.

No.Ukrainian grading system NigeriaPolandMoroccoIndia 100- and 50-point systems 
12F9. Fail-9-0--
22.5E 8. Pass----
33D7. Passdopuszczający13-10(0-50) C1(20-25) C2
43.5C4, C5, C6, Creditdostateczny-(50-60) C2(25-30) C1
54B3. Gooddobry16-14(60-70) B2 (30-35) B2
64.5B2. Very Goodbardzo dobry-(70-80) B1(35-40) B1
75A1. Excel lentcelujacy20-17 (80-90) A2; (90-100) A1(40-45) A 2; (45-50) A1


For the Egyptian schooling system, percentage of high school certificate results is taken into account, measured as a percentage of total points received by students and the greatest possible number of points (E value). Assuming the minimum passing percentage (50%) is “2” in the Ukrainian system, and the best results (100%) is “5”, one point in the Ukrainian system matches 16.67% in the Egyptian system, according to the formula (100-50)/(5-2)=50/3=16.67%.

Thus, given the above, the conversion of Egyptian percentage results (E) into the Ukrainian five-point system (U value) is done according to the formula: U=(E-50)/16.67+2.

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